iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

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I know many people have had questions about the iPhone app and I’m trying to collect them in one place. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Radar In Motion for iPhone. If it does not answer your question or you have problems, please contact me. When you do, make sure you answer the following questions:

  • Are you using the Dashboard widget or the iPhone app?
  • What version of the widget/app are you using?
  • What is your version of Mac OS X (widget) or the iPhone OS (iPhone)?
  • What map are you trying to load?

Answering those questions will make it easier for me to solve any problems you are having.



Posted in Website at 11:23 am by Kamal

A few people have said that if a donation option were given, they would donate. You can now do so through PayPal using the link at the right. Note that no donation is required and the widget itself has no mention of donating. It doesn’t nag you asking you to donate, it doesn’t even link to the donation page. And it never will. I believe in keeping the widget free from such things. However, if you do find that Radar in Motion has been helpful and you would like to donate a little money, it would be much appreciated!

New Version, New Website

Posted in Dashboard, Website at 11:21 am by Kamal

I have created a new website for Radar in Motion in order to make it easier for me to update and provide information. The new website will have links to the latest version of Radar in Motion, as well as all previous versions. You can also put comments on the website. This is a good place to post problems you are having. I will get email about them automatically and others can see issues that are coming up and have been addressed. As with the widget, please let me know if this website can be changed to serve you better!