NOAA Changing Formats

Posted in Dashboard, Miscellaneous at 8:56 pm by Kamal

It seems NOAA is slowly changing the formats of all its map. This new format uses a much more complex system with images overlaid on top of each other to form the full radar. The widget is not currently equipped to handle maps like this. I am working on adding support for it, but it might require a complete reworking of the way maps are handled. I’ll look into what it will take to use these new maps. For now, please be patient if your NOAA maps do not work.


Did Someone Ask for Forecasts?

Posted in Dashboard at 2:16 pm by Kamal

Version 2.2 is now complete. The major addition to this version is forecast maps for US regions, the most requested feature in recent weeks. They are available from both weather.com and NOAA. The forecast maps animate the expected precipitation, temperature, or winds over the next week. A general forecast map is available in the “United States” region. In the regions for parts of the United States (e.g., northeast, central, southwest), individual forecast, temperature, and wind maps are available. They work just as every other map with one exception: forecast maps cannot be stored locally. There are a few technical reasons for this fact. Basically, saving them might make for some strange animations with days not in sequential order and multiple maps that claim to be for “today.”

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Added forecast maps for regions of the United States (both weather.com and NOAA)
  • Fixed animation stopping when hitting space bar when entering city name on preferences
  • Map options in preferences immediately change when switching sources
  • Return key flips to the front of the widget when on the preferences
  • Scroll wheel on mouse can be used to switch maps
  • Listing of maps for United States divided by region in preferences
  • Fixed issue with possibly displaying ? if maps are stopped and map is deleted or manually switched
  • Fixed problem with all saved maps being deleted too early, resulting in display of ?


Longer Animations

Posted in Miscellaneous at 4:01 pm by Kamal

Several people keep emailing me asking about adding a feature to the widget where maps can be animated for longer periods of time. This feature already exists in the widget. It is the “Save Maps” feature in the “Updating” tab of the preferences. In the help part of the widget, it says “Save Maps: Store maps locally on the hard drive for the amount of time specified.” Maybe I need to edit the description so it is more clear as to what it does. You can specify the amount of time the maps are stored (and animated) using this feature.