New Versions, or “NOAA Can’t Make Up Its Mind”

Posted in Dashboard at 9:29 pm by Kamal

NOAA has yet again changed access to their maps. I have new versions of both the Dashboard and Yahoo! Widgets versions (.01) increments to compensate:

I should note that NOAA might change again in the near future. Currently, the maps for different cities are accessed in different ways. If they add to this inconsistency any more, it might become necessary to discontinue NOAA support (not to mention the fact that downloading NOAA maps is a lot slower than downloading maps from weather.com since their format change).

I should also note that I do not fault NOAA for this change in format and access. They are perfectly within their rights to change access to information on their pages without consideration of Radar In Motion, as I have no official ties with NOAA. I’ll do my best to keep up with them for now.


Radar In Motion for Dashbaord, Version 2.3

Posted in Dashboard at 12:00 pm by Kamal

I have released an update to Radar In Motion for Dashboard. Working on the Yahoo! Widgets version revealed several errors in the handling of NOAA maps, which I fixed. I’ve also added an “Add To Favorites” button on the back of the widget. If you enter information for a map and click on this button, it will add the map to the list of favorites without flipping the widget back to the front. You can then repeat the process for adding several maps. This way, if you like to add a bunch of maps to your widget, you can do so without having to flip back and forth. So to summarize, here are the changes:

  • Added “Add To Favorites” button on the back of the widget
  • Fixed retrieval of weather alerts for NOAA
  • Fixed display of maps for NOAA when deleting a favorite
  • Fixed rare problem with maps not being retrieved properly from NOAA

Oh, and as a final tidbit, I’d like to mention, there is a way to upgrade to the new version of the widget without having to re-add all of your maps and change the preferences. Here is the process:

  1. Download the new version of the widget
  2. If using Safari, click on “Cancel” when asked if you want to replace the old version of your widget with the new one.
  3. Move or copy the new version of the widget from your downloads folder to the Library/Widgets folder in your home directory.
  4. Activate Dashboard and click on an instance of the widget.
  5. Hit Command + R on the keyboard.

This should reload the instance of the widget, now using the latest version, but without replacing your settings. You can do this for every instance of the widget you have running.

If you have any problems with the widget, let me know!


Radar In Motion for Yahoo! Widgets 1.0

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:09 pm by Kamal

The Yahoo! Widgets version of Radar In Motion is now out of beta. I have fixed many issues that came up with it, including the slow reaction time for right clicking and moving the widget, incorrect loading for NOAA maps, and problems saving maps on both Mac and Windows. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions or problems.


Yahoo! Widgets Beta Available

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:38 am by Kamal

I have made available a beta version of Radar In Motion for Yahoo! Widgets (i.e., Konfabulator). This means that Windows users can now have an animated weather map on their desktop!

If you would like to test the widget, please feel free to do so. However, I would not yet consider it ready for widespread use. The widget is still slow and I have to figure out why. I believe it has to do with having the maps rotating in intervals of .25 seconds (the default) and the way that interacts with the widget engine’s handling of timed events.

There are also some redraw issues when used in Yahoo! Widgets on a Mac. If you are on a Mac and have Tiger, I highly recommend you stick to the Dashboard version of the widget. Yahoo! Widgets on the Mac seems to have a number of bugs.

For more information on the widget, you can see the Yahoo! Widgets edition help.

If you have any problems with or suggestions for the widget, please let me know.


Konfabulator (Yahoo! Widgets) Beta Testers

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:22 pm by Kamal

I’m getting closer and closer to having a beta version of the Yahoo! Widgets edition of Radar In Motion. I’m hoping to have a version ready to go by tomorrow or Monday. However, before I release it, I’d like some people to test it. If you are interested in beta testing Radar In Motion for Yahoo! Widgets, please email me with an address to which I can send you the widget when I have a version and also whether you are on a Mac or Windows machine.


Konfabulator Version? A Poll

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:54 pm by Kamal

I have received a request to make a Konfabulator (i.e., Yahoo! Widgets) version of Radar In Motion. Since I use Dashboard, I have no real use for such a thing. However, if there is enough interest, I will consider making a version that works with Yahoo! Widgets. There is a poll on the right-hand side to get your opinions on the issue. If you could take a second and place a vote, that would be very helpful!

UPDATE: Work has begun on a Konfabulator version of the widget. Konfabulator is missing some of the javascript commands that Dashboard has, so it will take a bit of time to convert the scripts for retrieving maps. However, I’m so far finding the preference system of Konfabulator a little easier to deal with than the one in Dashboard. I suppose there are always tradeoffs! Since I have decided to go ahead and try the Konfabulator version, I am going to remove the poll. Thank you to everyone for your input!


Version 2.2.1: NOAA Works

Posted in Dashboard at 2:59 pm by Kamal

Well, the National Weather Service changed to a new format, as detailed in my last post. The latest version of Radar In Motion now supports the new format. The new format slows the widget down if you use NOAA. This cannot be helped, as there are five times as many image files being displayed at any given time. Moreover, the map now requires that two images be downloaded for each single image that used to be downloaded, because the radar and the legend (with the time) are two separate pictures. If you are using the Save Maps feature, you are going to find the widget has slowed down. If you use Weather.com, you should see no changes.

I will say that some exciting new things are in the works for Radar In Motion that I will discuss as I know more details. That is cryptic perhaps, but trust me, it should be pretty cool!

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to those of you who have donated to the project. I have been grateful and humbled by your support. I certainly plan to continue developing this widget in hopes of making it the best experience for the users!