New Version Fixing weather.com Maps!

Posted in Dashboard at 7:39 pm by Kamal

The Weather Channel changed some things in the format of their pages, meaning Radar in Motion broke if you tried to access a new map or load the widget for the first time. I’ve compensated with Radar In Motion 2.5.3. I know that I’m rather unresponsive to emails and for that I apologize. Work and life in general keeps me very busy. Please know that I do plan to keep working on the widget for the foreseeable future, so when major issues like that come up, I will certainly fix them as soon as I have time. Apologies to those for whom the widget didn’t work for the last few days. I think all should be well now!


Apparently weather.com is not working

Posted in Dashboard at 12:59 pm by Kamal

I have been getting many messages that Radar In Motion is no longer working. Unfortunately, I won’t be back in front of my Mac until tomorrow evening to see what is going on. If Radar in Motion isn’t working for you at all, don’t worry, I’m hoping to look into it this weekend and get it back to a working state. I suspect weather.com changed their format or something like that.