A New and Unrelated Widget and Some History

Posted in Miscellaneous at 9:21 am by Kamal

For any of you who are concert lovers, I have created a new widget called ConcertGoer, which retrieves concert information from PollStar. It’s a need I’ve had for awhile, so I finally managed to create a widget for it!

And thanks again to all of you for your continued support of Radar In Motion. Just to give you some stats, Radar In Motion has:

  • been publicly available since May 2005, when it made its debut on DashboardWidgets,
  • been downloaded approximately 1.53 million times,
  • spent more than 1 week as the top downloaded widget on Apple’s Dashboard site, and
  • never left the top 50 in Apple’s downloaded widgets since it first made the list in July 2005.

So, a happy birthday to Radar In Motion’s trip to the top. It started as nothing more than a project answering a need I had myself that I then released to the public hoping someone else might benefit from it. With all of your feedback, the widget has become so much better, in my opinion. Thank you again for helping make Radar In Motion what it is today!