Update: Version 1.2 for iPhone available in the App Store

Posted in iPhone at 2:03 pm by Kamal

The next version of Radar in Motion is available in the App Store. It adds the most requested feature: zooming. Here is a complete list of the changes:

  • Zooming/panning within a loaded map
  • Pan to the next-nearest radar location. When zoomed out, move your finger over the map to load the next-closest radar image in that direction.
  • Play/pause button. When paused, tap on the map to advance it frame by frame.
  • Displays timestamp and station name
  • New icon (thanks to Chris Morgan for inspiration)
  • Search for radar by three-letter station ID
  • Smaller current location button
  • Fixes for locating nearest radar
  • Fixed issues with maps images not loading and crashing for certain radar stations