Radar In Motion might have comes to its end

Posted in Dashboard at 3:16 pm by Kamal

I recently noticed that the regional radar data from The Weather Channel has stopped working. You probably have noticed the same thing; you get an error at the top of the widget that says “Warning: Map could not be loaded.” Unfortunately, this has seemed like an inevitability for awhile. If you have visited The Weather Channel’s website anytime within the last several months, you noticed that they changed to an entirely new interactive weather map. Up until now, they have kept links to the “classic” maps on their local weather pages. This meant that Radar In Motion continued to work despite their website’s own change.

As of a couple of weeks ago, those links have now disappeared. Consequently, Radar In Motion can no longer fetch the maps it displayed for seven years. I’m not optimistic about finding a way to retrieve those maps. I could look into switching to the new maps, but they are a radically different design that do not have the same simplicity as the old maps.

I may endeavor to investigate getting NOAA maps working again; I see that they are not really functioning, either. However, I believe that will be the only map option available from this point on. I appreciate the fact that the maps from The Weather Channel were much clearer and easier to read, but it seems those maps have been abandoned in favor of more interactive maps.

Thanks for all of your support over these years. If I do manage to fix the NOAA maps or come up with some other alternative to The Weather Channel maps, I will certainly post updates here and let everyone know.