I Wonder Why I Bother

Posted in Miscellaneous at 11:00 am by Kamal

For the most part, writing Radar In Motion has been a good experience for me. But I have to say, when I see the rude, sarcastic reviews that have been posted about the iPhone app recently, I wonder why I even bother spending my free time writing this widget and application. I have never claimed that either is perfect and I have tried my best to work within the limitations placed upon me, both technical and legal.

I’m not saying everyone should love the app. When asked, I openly admit its limitations. If you don’t like the app, fine. You want to post a negative review, fine. But in that review, stick to the facts of what you don’t like and what you think could be better. If there are problems with the app, contact me! The contact info for the app is readily available on the App Store. If the app is causing problems, particularly crashes, I want to know about it! From not one of the negative reviewers have I gotten a message indicating they had any problems and asking for solutions. Maybe that is a better way to spend your time and money than calling the app a “pos.” Trust me, reviews like that make myself and I imagine other developers like me who try to write software in there spare time wonder if it is really worth it at all. After a long day of working a full time job or a long day of classes, the last thing an independent developer wants to do is come home and see insults thrown at work he has done in his spare time.

So if you don’t like the software, that’s okay. But if you are going to sit around and write nasty reviews, don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning to find independent developers like me deciding they just don’t find it worthwhile or fulfilling to write software in their spare time anymore.

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