Radar In Motion 2.7.0: Return of Working Maps

Posted in Dashboard at 2:41 pm by Kamal

As promised, here is a new version with fixes to compensate for weather.com’s changes! Radar In Motion 2.7.0 should fix the problem for you. I had to get a little creative in how I fixed it, so if you see anything unexpected in your maps, please email radarinmotion@gmail.com with the specific location for which you are trying to load the map. It is most likely a missing map link that I can fix relatively easily.

I also fixed severe weather alerts and some small UI bugs.


***NOTE: It seems that this version of Radar In Motion manages to get installed in addition to the current version instead of replacing it. When this happens, it’s possible that when you create an instance of Radar In Motion, it will be the old broken version instead of the new fixed one. I’m not exactly sure why that is happening. To fix it, I recommend removing all versions of Radar In Motion using the following steps:

  1. Open Dashboard
  2. Click on the “+” in the lower lefthand corner.
  3. Look to see how many copies of Radar In Motion are in the set of icons.
  4. Hold down the option key on the keyboard. When you do so, a small “x” should appear in the upper lefthand corner of each icon.
  5. While still holding down the option key, click on the little “x” on the Radar In Motion icon.
  6. Click on “Delete” in the box that comes up.

Repeat these steps for every copy of Radar In Motion you see in the list of installed widgets. Once you have done that, delete the preferences files:

  1. Delete the file Library/Preferences/widget-com.kamalaboulhosn.radarinmotion2.plist. In order to access this file, you may need to open Finder, hold down the “option” key, click on the “Go” menu, and then click on “Library.”
  2. Restart your computer.

Now, try installing the widget again and see if it now works.

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