Radar In Motion might have comes to its end

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I recently noticed that the regional radar data from The Weather Channel has stopped working. You probably have noticed the same thing; you get an error at the top of the widget that says “Warning: Map could not be loaded.” Unfortunately, this has seemed like an inevitability for awhile. If you have visited The Weather Channel’s website anytime within the last several months, you noticed that they changed to an entirely new interactive weather map. Up until now, they have kept links to the “classic” maps on their local weather pages. This meant that Radar In Motion continued to work despite their website’s own change.

As of a couple of weeks ago, those links have now disappeared. Consequently, Radar In Motion can no longer fetch the maps it displayed for seven years. I’m not optimistic about finding a way to retrieve those maps. I could look into switching to the new maps, but they are a radically different design that do not have the same simplicity as the old maps.

I may endeavor to investigate getting NOAA maps working again; I see that they are not really functioning, either. However, I believe that will be the only map option available from this point on. I appreciate the fact that the maps from The Weather Channel were much clearer and easier to read, but it seems those maps have been abandoned in favor of more interactive maps.

Thanks for all of your support over these years. If I do manage to fix the NOAA maps or come up with some other alternative to The Weather Channel maps, I will certainly post updates here and let everyone know.


*UPDATED LINK* So I’m A Liar – Radar In Motion 2.6.2 Available

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Note: Someone pointed out that the latest link for the new version of Radar In Motion was actually to an extremely old version! I have corrected this. So if you downloaded it from this post, try it again and it should work.

I finally found a little bit of time to fix Radar In Motion! As a result, I have released Radar In Motion 2.6.2. The version fixes weather alerts, which have apparently been broken for some time, and also fixes access to National Weather Service maps. Enjoy!


What is the status of Radar In Motion?

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I know it has been a very long time since I’ve made any updates. I’ve also been horrible at responding to emails sent. At this point, I have basically stopped work on Radar In Motion. It comes down to the fact that I don’t have time because of many other things I’m involved in. Radar In Motion continues to work for me and I hope it is working for you. If not, please check out the FAQ link as it does have answers to a lot of common issues. Thank you everyone for your continued support of the Dashboard widget, the short-lived Yahoo! Widgets widget, and the iPhone app (which is no longer available; I don’t want to be selling the app if I’m not actually working on it). If I ever get the time to start work on Radar In Motion again, I will certainly let all of you know!


iPhone Version 1.4 Released: Crashes Fixed!

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Version 1.4 of Radar In Motion for the iPhone has hit the app store. The big news with this release is that crashes and freezes that some people were experiencing should be completely gone. This version also also adds the ability to search for maps by 3-letter airport codes.

If you use version 1.4 and find it helpful, please leave a quick review on App Store indicating such. It would help me a great deal. Thanks!


UPDATED: National Weather Service Changes Things

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UPDATE: All should be well now. Just download the 1.3 update to Radar In Motion and the maps will work again. Plus, you’ll get all of the features mentioned in the post below. Enjoy and let me know if you have any problems!

The National Weather Service’s server subtly changed something about their website, resulting in Radar In Motion no longer working. I have already submitted the fix as a part of Version 1.3 of the application, which is awaiting approval from Apple. As soon as it is approved, Radar In Motion will work again (and have a lot of new features, too). You will need to download the update when it becomes available. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Radar In Motion Version 1.3 for iPhone Submitted

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I just submitted the next version of Radar In Motion to the App Store, so hopefully it will be available later this week. The list of additions is pretty signification, so I think you’ll find the app even more worth your $0.99. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the new version: CRASHES FIXED. I found what was causing the application to quit unexpectedly and I think I’ve been able to fix it. Here is the long list of new features:

  • Store favorite searches for quick access
  • Access most recent searches
  • Choice of maps from the National Weather Service, including Composite Reflectivity, Base Reflectivity, Storm Relative Motion, Base Velocity, One-Hour Precipitation, and Storm Total Precipitation
  • Preferences for animation speed and holding the last frame of the animation longer
  • Option to show the map legend
  • Double-tap to zoom in add to available zooming gestures
  • Double-tap to zoom out gesture fixed
  • Title now appears as “RadarMotion” instead of “Radar…otion”

Look for the update soon!


Radar In Motion 2.6.1

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I have made Radar In Motion 2.6.1 available for download. It fixes some graphical errors including the inability to click on “Show Border.”

Also, thanks to all of you who have sent me encouraging messages in response to my earlier post about negative reviews. I have been trying to reply to each of you individually, but time spent at work has prevented me from being able to reply to everyone. Know that I am trying, though! But thank for all of your positive feedback, it is very much appreciated.

Watch for Radar In Motion 1.3 for iPhone just around the corner. It adds a huge list of new features that I will mention when it is available in the app store, hopefully later this week!


iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

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I know many people have had questions about the iPhone app and I’m trying to collect them in one place. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Radar In Motion for iPhone. If it does not answer your question or you have problems, please contact me. When you do, make sure you answer the following questions:

  • Are you using the Dashboard widget or the iPhone app?
  • What version of the widget/app are you using?
  • What is your version of Mac OS X (widget) or the iPhone OS (iPhone)?
  • What map are you trying to load?

Answering those questions will make it easier for me to solve any problems you are having.


I Wonder Why I Bother

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For the most part, writing Radar In Motion has been a good experience for me. But I have to say, when I see the rude, sarcastic reviews that have been posted about the iPhone app recently, I wonder why I even bother spending my free time writing this widget and application. I have never claimed that either is perfect and I have tried my best to work within the limitations placed upon me, both technical and legal.

I’m not saying everyone should love the app. When asked, I openly admit its limitations. If you don’t like the app, fine. You want to post a negative review, fine. But in that review, stick to the facts of what you don’t like and what you think could be better. If there are problems with the app, contact me! The contact info for the app is readily available on the App Store. If the app is causing problems, particularly crashes, I want to know about it! From not one of the negative reviewers have I gotten a message indicating they had any problems and asking for solutions. Maybe that is a better way to spend your time and money than calling the app a “pos.” Trust me, reviews like that make myself and I imagine other developers like me who try to write software in there spare time wonder if it is really worth it at all. After a long day of working a full time job or a long day of classes, the last thing an independent developer wants to do is come home and see insults thrown at work he has done in his spare time.

So if you don’t like the software, that’s okay. But if you are going to sit around and write nasty reviews, don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning to find independent developers like me deciding they just don’t find it worthwhile or fulfilling to write software in their spare time anymore.


Radar In Motion for Dashboard 2.6 Available

Posted in Dashboard at 6:35 pm by Kamal

Now available is Radar In Motion 2.6. It finally fixes the NOAA maps and makes them completely available again. It also fixes some issues with international and US maps from Weather.com. Thanks to Jon Steuernagle for finding and fixing the Weather.com issues before I even knew they were there!

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