Radar In Motion for Dashboard 2.6 Available

Posted in Dashboard at 6:35 pm by Kamal

Now available is Radar In Motion 2.6. It finally fixes the NOAA maps and makes them completely available again. It also fixes some issues with international and US maps from Weather.com. Thanks to Jon Steuernagle for finding and fixing the Weather.com issues before I even knew they were there!


Update: Version 1.2 for iPhone available in the App Store

Posted in iPhone at 2:03 pm by Kamal

The next version of Radar in Motion is available in the App Store. It adds the most requested feature: zooming. Here is a complete list of the changes:

  • Zooming/panning within a loaded map
  • Pan to the next-nearest radar location. When zoomed out, move your finger over the map to load the next-closest radar image in that direction.
  • Play/pause button. When paused, tap on the map to advance it frame by frame.
  • Displays timestamp and station name
  • New icon (thanks to Chris Morgan for inspiration)
  • Search for radar by three-letter station ID
  • Smaller current location button
  • Fixes for locating nearest radar
  • Fixed issues with maps images not loading and crashing for certain radar stations


Version 1.1 for iPhone released

Posted in iPhone at 9:30 pm by Kamal

Several enhancements and fixes are available in version 1.1 of Radar In Motion for iPhone. The improvements are:

  • Remembers the last location you viewed the map for between application launches
  • Faster loading of maps and images
  • Faster lookup of locations when searched
  • No need to type a comma into the search box for city/state
  • Shows images from a wider range of time
  • Better reporting of errors when loading maps or determining location
  • Fixes for crashes when getting the map in the Louisiana/Mississippi area

If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you have a positive experience with the application, please leave a review on the App Store. Thanks!


Radar In Motion for the iPhone now available!

Posted in iPhone at 6:41 pm by Kamal

So Radar In Motion 1.0 is now officially available in the US App Store! Please stop by and grab it. I want to assure everyone that I am dedicated to working on the application and making it as good as it can be. Version 1.0 has a few issues that will be fixed in version 1.1, which I just submitted to Apple tonight. The features and fixes that will be in 1.1 are:

  • Remembers the last location you viewed the map for between application launches
  • Faster loading of maps and images
  • Faster lookup of locations when searched
  • Display maps from a longer period of time
  • No need to type a comma into the search box for city/state
  • Better reporting of errors when loading maps or determining location

In the long run, here are some of the features I plan to add:

  • Zooming
  • Choice of map to load from the National Weather Service
  • Remembering multiple locations
  • Better searching for inexact matches for city/states
  • A nicer icon (anyone want to help with that one?)

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have problems. When you submit a problem, please give me the following information:

  • iPhone model
  • iPhone OS version
  • Connection type when experiencing problem (EDGE, 3G, or Wifi)
  • If loading current location, the ZIP code of your current location. If you are typing in a search, the location you are searching for

I’ll do my best to fix the issues that are reported and make Radar In Motion one of the best apps for the iPhone.


A guy can change his mind, right?

Posted in iPhone at 3:05 pm by Kamal

Radar in Motion for the iPhone is just around the corner.

UPDATE: The application has been submitted to Apple for review to be included on the App Store. We’ll see how long that takes and what happens. Here are some things to know about the application:

  • It uses the National Weather Service’s Composite Reflexivity radar.
  • You can search by city/state or ZIP code or use your current location.
  • It will cost $0.99.

I’ll let you know when it becomes available. Hopefully will be soon!


The Question on Everyone’s Mind

Posted in Miscellaneous at 12:44 am by Kamal

Since the release of the new iPhone, I have received many queries about a version of Radar In Motion for it. I can certainly see where it would be helpful. Unfortunately, I have no plans to work on an iPhone version at this time. The main reason is the lack of time, especially given the larger audience an iPhone app would have. Sorry to disappoint. If my plans change, I will certainly let everyone know here. Thanks for all of your interest in Radar In Motion!


A New and Unrelated Widget and Some History

Posted in Miscellaneous at 9:21 am by Kamal

For any of you who are concert lovers, I have created a new widget called ConcertGoer, which retrieves concert information from PollStar. It’s a need I’ve had for awhile, so I finally managed to create a widget for it!

And thanks again to all of you for your continued support of Radar In Motion. Just to give you some stats, Radar In Motion has:

  • been publicly available since May 2005, when it made its debut on DashboardWidgets,
  • been downloaded approximately 1.53 million times,
  • spent more than 1 week as the top downloaded widget on Apple’s Dashboard site, and
  • never left the top 50 in Apple’s downloaded widgets since it first made the list in July 2005.

So, a happy birthday to Radar In Motion’s trip to the top. It started as nothing more than a project answering a need I had myself that I then released to the public hoping someone else might benefit from it. With all of your feedback, the widget has become so much better, in my opinion. Thank you again for helping make Radar In Motion what it is today!


New Version Fixing weather.com Maps!

Posted in Dashboard at 7:39 pm by Kamal

The Weather Channel changed some things in the format of their pages, meaning Radar in Motion broke if you tried to access a new map or load the widget for the first time. I’ve compensated with Radar In Motion 2.5.3. I know that I’m rather unresponsive to emails and for that I apologize. Work and life in general keeps me very busy. Please know that I do plan to keep working on the widget for the foreseeable future, so when major issues like that come up, I will certainly fix them as soon as I have time. Apologies to those for whom the widget didn’t work for the last few days. I think all should be well now!


Apparently weather.com is not working

Posted in Dashboard at 12:59 pm by Kamal

I have been getting many messages that Radar In Motion is no longer working. Unfortunately, I won’t be back in front of my Mac until tomorrow evening to see what is going on. If Radar in Motion isn’t working for you at all, don’t worry, I’m hoping to look into it this weekend and get it back to a working state. I suspect weather.com changed their format or something like that.


Aware NOAA isn’t working

Posted in Dashboard at 2:11 pm by Kamal

By the way, I’m aware of the NOAA issues. I’m working on them as we speak and hope to have a fixed version out very soon.

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