Game Changing Facebook Ad Spy Tools + Limited Time AdSpy Free Trial

Social media has witnessed the highest number of sales in online industries. Though online markets have become more saturated, Facebook advertisers are still gaining a huge revenue. Powerful Facebook ad spy tools like AdSpy help advertisers to always stay on top of the game. Before we could proceed with the best Facebook ad spy tools, I would wish to reveal that AdSpy offers an exclusive $150 AdSpy Coupon which is valid only for a limited period. Isn’t it great? Use code MEGADSPY. Try it out immediately to spy on your competitors more effectively.

Best Facebook Ad Spy Tools 2024 + AdSpy Free Trial

Though there a lot of Facebook ad spy tools available in the market, only a few are considered to be the best. The differentiation mainly occurs with the features that every tool offers. Below are the wisely chosen top Facebook ad spy tools.

  • AdSpy
  • PowerAdSpy
  • AdEspresso

AdSpy + AdSpy Free Trial

AdSpy+AdSpy free trial

AdSpy is an outstanding Facebook PPC ads spy tool. It the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world. It consists of over 94 million ads across 203 countries, providing access to 15+ million advertisers worldwide.

With AdSpy, you can find compelling ad campaigns, uncover trending new products, monitor competitors’ brands, browse the most important ads, save a lot of time & money, and so on. AdSpy costs $149 per month per user. By making use of the $75 AdSpy Coupon Code you get AdSpy free trial. So that you can explore the tool completely before you can start paying for it. So don’t delay anymore. Use code AFF75 now!

AdSpy Features + AdSpy Free Trial

Below are the advanced features of AdSpy:

  • Enhanced Basic Search
  • Accurate Demographics
  • Search through Comments
  • By affiliates for affiliates
  • Massive Data
  • User-friendly interface

Want to get access to all these top-notch features of AdSpy? Make use of AdSpy Free Trial immediately. Hurry up! Catch the code ADSPY75 before it expires.


PowerAdSpy - Best Facebook Ad Spy tool + AdSpy free trial

PowerAdSpy is one of the best and legit social media ad spy tools available out there. It not only allows you to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads but also on their Google, YouTube, Instagram, GDN, and Native ad campaigns. Using PowerAdSpy, you will be able to check out all currently running live and past Fb, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, Native ads that are the best performers in any niche.

You can replicate the winners, see exactly where the ad traffic of winners is being sent off, and discover the engaging and successful ads. The benefits that this tool offers is enormous. As far as the cost is concerned, PowerAdSpy offers 6 pricing plans ranging between $49 to $349 based on the different social media networks.

PowerAdSpy Features

  • Advanced Search & Filtering
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Filtering & Bookmarking Ads
  • Powerful Geo-targeting
  • Engagement oriented metrics



AdEspresso is an easy to use Facebook ad spy tool. With over 1.5 million Facebook and Twitter Ads, it gives you so many examples to learn from about your competitors. The best thing about AdEspresso is that it allows you to create ads from different platforms in one place.

The ad creation from this tool is simple, and it is relatively easy to get used to each function it offers. Monitoring the ads is hassle-free as they are organized in a single panel. The tool offers the best performance tracking. You can take a no-risk 14-day free trial to get you started with AdEspresso, after which the cost starts at $49 a month.

Features of Adespresso

  • Hassle-free ad creation across Facebook, Instagram, and Google platforms
  • Effective Ad Management from a single dashboard
  • In-depth Campaign analysis
  • Strong Collaboration

Final Words

Facebook ad spy tools are a must for digital advertising. Though there are as many ad spying tools in the market, you will not a better one than AdSpy. All due to its unique features and ad spying capability. So start using AdSpy for a successful Facebook advertising business. Grab our limited time AdSpy Coupon 2024! Apply code AFFSAVE and enjoy this amazing tool at surprising price.