Maps move again!

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Just when you thought everything was working again, The Weather Channel moves maps locations. In the future, I will probably make some changes so that you don’t need to update the widget when this happens, but in the meantime, enjoy Radar In Motion 2.7.2, which fixes the problem again. Also, if you have problems even after upgrading, please follow these steps. They will likely take care of any problems you still experience.


Radar In Motion 2.7.1

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You might have noticed that the non-regional weather.com maps stopped working recently. Some files moved around at weather.com, but I found them! So here is Radar In Motion 2.7.1 to fix all the problems. Download, install, and continue to enjoy your animated weather maps in Dashboard, nearing 11 years in existence!


Problems with weather.com maps

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UPDATE: It looks like weather.com maps are slowly being put back into place! I see updates starting at 1:45PM EDT on 8/13/2015! Hopefully all of the maps will continue to come back. Below is my original message about the outage.

You might have noticed that maps from weather.com are stuck on an image from Wednesday, August 11th at around 12:45PM EDT. I am aware of the issue, but unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it. It seems that weather.com no longer updates the actual images used in Radar In Motion anymore. I’m not sure if this is a temporary change or something more permanent. The maps on weather.com changed to a more interactive version a few years ago, so the maps used in Radar In Motion have just kind of been working even though they aren’t presented on the page. That seems to have stopped yesterday. The National Weather Service maps should continue to work, though. I will update if the situation changes!


Radar In Motion 2.7.0: Return of Working Maps

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As promised, here is a new version with fixes to compensate for weather.com’s changes! Radar In Motion 2.7.0 should fix the problem for you. I had to get a little creative in how I fixed it, so if you see anything unexpected in your maps, please email radarinmotion@gmail.com with the specific location for which you are trying to load the map. It is most likely a missing map link that I can fix relatively easily.

I also fixed severe weather alerts and some small UI bugs.


***NOTE: It seems that this version of Radar In Motion manages to get installed in addition to the current version instead of replacing it. When this happens, it’s possible that when you create an instance of Radar In Motion, it will be the old broken version instead of the new fixed one. I’m not exactly sure why that is happening. To fix it, I recommend removing all versions of Radar In Motion using the following steps:

  1. Open Dashboard
  2. Click on the “+” in the lower lefthand corner.
  3. Look to see how many copies of Radar In Motion are in the set of icons.
  4. Hold down the option key on the keyboard. When you do so, a small “x” should appear in the upper lefthand corner of each icon.
  5. While still holding down the option key, click on the little “x” on the Radar In Motion icon.
  6. Click on “Delete” in the box that comes up.

Repeat these steps for every copy of Radar In Motion you see in the list of installed widgets. Once you have done that, delete the preferences files:

  1. Delete the file Library/Preferences/widget-com.kamalaboulhosn.radarinmotion2.plist. In order to access this file, you may need to open Finder, hold down the “option” key, click on the “Go” menu, and then click on “Library.”
  2. Restart your computer.

Now, try installing the widget again and see if it now works.


Radar in Motion broken again

Posted in Dashboard at 12:44 pm by Kamal

Hi, everyone. Long time no update. Just to let you know, weather.com changed their format again and the maps are broken again. I am currently in the middle of writing a fix that I hope will be out by weekend’s end. I’ll let you know as soon as I have something working!


Radar In Motion is BACK!

Posted in Dashboard at 10:31 pm by Kamal

Hi, everyone!

I am very happy to let you know that Radar In Motion is back and working just like before! Both weather.com and NOAA maps have been fixed. I’m sorry it took so long to investigate and fix. I had figured it was hopeless but then managed to find a way to get the maps back and running.

Here is Radar In Motion 2.6.4!

Some people have asked about the possibility of contributing a little money for Radar In Motion. I am blown away by the sentiment and do appreciate the fact that people find the widget worthy of spending some money. I have therefore added a donation link to the right that you can use if you want to send some money for the widget. Please don’t feel obligated to and know that the widget will always remain available for free!


Radar In Motion might have comes to its end

Posted in Dashboard at 3:16 pm by Kamal

I recently noticed that the regional radar data from The Weather Channel has stopped working. You probably have noticed the same thing; you get an error at the top of the widget that says “Warning: Map could not be loaded.” Unfortunately, this has seemed like an inevitability for awhile. If you have visited The Weather Channel’s website anytime within the last several months, you noticed that they changed to an entirely new interactive weather map. Up until now, they have kept links to the “classic” maps on their local weather pages. This meant that Radar In Motion continued to work despite their website’s own change.

As of a couple of weeks ago, those links have now disappeared. Consequently, Radar In Motion can no longer fetch the maps it displayed for seven years. I’m not optimistic about finding a way to retrieve those maps. I could look into switching to the new maps, but they are a radically different design that do not have the same simplicity as the old maps.

I may endeavor to investigate getting NOAA maps working again; I see that they are not really functioning, either. However, I believe that will be the only map option available from this point on. I appreciate the fact that the maps from The Weather Channel were much clearer and easier to read, but it seems those maps have been abandoned in favor of more interactive maps.

Thanks for all of your support over these years. If I do manage to fix the NOAA maps or come up with some other alternative to The Weather Channel maps, I will certainly post updates here and let everyone know.


*UPDATED LINK* So I’m A Liar - Radar In Motion 2.6.2 Available

Posted in Dashboard at 2:43 pm by Kamal

Note: Someone pointed out that the latest link for the new version of Radar In Motion was actually to an extremely old version! I have corrected this. So if you downloaded it from this post, try it again and it should work.

I finally found a little bit of time to fix Radar In Motion! As a result, I have released Radar In Motion 2.6.2. The version fixes weather alerts, which have apparently been broken for some time, and also fixes access to National Weather Service maps. Enjoy!


What is the status of Radar In Motion?

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I know it has been a very long time since I’ve made any updates. I’ve also been horrible at responding to emails sent. At this point, I have basically stopped work on Radar In Motion. It comes down to the fact that I don’t have time because of many other things I’m involved in. Radar In Motion continues to work for me and I hope it is working for you. If not, please check out the FAQ link as it does have answers to a lot of common issues. Thank you everyone for your continued support of the Dashboard widget, the short-lived Yahoo! Widgets widget, and the iPhone app (which is no longer available; I don’t want to be selling the app if I’m not actually working on it). If I ever get the time to start work on Radar In Motion again, I will certainly let all of you know!


iPhone Version 1.4 Released: Crashes Fixed!

Posted in iPhone at 11:01 am by Kamal

Version 1.4 of Radar In Motion for the iPhone has hit the app store. The big news with this release is that crashes and freezes that some people were experiencing should be completely gone. This version also also adds the ability to search for maps by 3-letter airport codes.

If you use version 1.4 and find it helpful, please leave a quick review on App Store indicating such. It would help me a great deal. Thanks!

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